Unborn Jesus Our Hope

Appendix I - Excerpt

Identity and Personhood of the Incarnate Son of God

Just as today factions within society challenge and question the personhood and identity of unborn children, so too in the early centuries of Christianity the personhood and identity of Jesus Christ was repeatedly called into question. How many persons, natures, wills, intellects, bodies, souls are there in the God man Jesus Christ? To tackle these questions the Church had to formalize new concepts which could adequately explain the realities embedded within this fundamental mystery of faith. Terms such as Trinity, Incarnation, Hypostatic Union and others which do not appear in Sacred Scripture were relied upon to clarify the Christian faith.

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UNBORN WORD ALLIANCE is an organization dedicated to honoring the Unborn Christ Child and promoting the Gospel of Life through literary and media projects, seminars and diverse spiritual endeavors. We believe all Christians can discover great spiritual hope as they reflect upon the first nine months of the Incarnation Mission and turn with trust, prayer, devotion and thanksgiving to Unborn Jesus. In honoring Unborn Jesus our Lord we are also reminded of the dignity of all unborn children created in Godís likeness and image.

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