Unborn Jesus Our Hope

Chapter 2 - Excerpt

Journey to The Hill Country of Judea

"...and you shall call His name Jesus"

From a psychological perspective, we must assume that one word of the angel's message was imprinted u pon her very soul as if by a burning coal the name of her baby, the name of God's baby: Jesus.

How many thousands of times did she whisper this name softly to herself or reverently call it to mind as her steps and thoughts carried her (and her newly conceived Son) across the future missionary territory of Galilee and Judea?

And yet neither Mary nor even the angel had given the Child this Name. “That Name, ‘which is above all names,’ was given by God Himself (Phil 2:9); and it was eternally His. Just as He was eternally begotten of His Father, so He was eternally named by His Father.... "The second Person of the Blessed Trinity had ever been Jesus, the Savior.” (Mother St. Paul)

The journey would have been punctuated by Mary's calm, simple repetition of this singular Name; and in her devotion to this Name, the Church's own devotion to the Holy Name of Jesus began.

Mary would have treasured this Name and become enamored by it very quickly. Knowing the meaning of the Name God had chosen "Yahweh is Salvation" Mary knew the great mission of her Son. Repeating the Name and especially audibly hearing it pronounced would have brought joy to her soul. Maternal joy yes, but more than that: joy as the Lord's faithful handmaid, and joy as a witness to the fulfillment of God's promises. “O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is thy name in all the earth”! (Psalm 8:1)

No doubt it would be verses and biblical passages such as this one that a devout Israelite like Mary would call to mind as she reflected on her situation. But, another "word" also must have gripped her soul with weeping joy. As Blessed Mary Potter puts it: “....He spoke a voiceless word, and that word was 'Mother'..."

Though the angel had not used this "word", this was the reality of her situation. She discovered her motherhood by contemplating the baby within her – her baby.

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