Unborn Jesus Our Hope

Chapter 4 - Excerpt

The Visitation: A Three Month Retreat

The Mission with which Mary had been entrusted was in every detail singular. God in His Wisdom wanted Mary to be uniquely prepared for her mission. Just as Jesus would later spend forty days alone in the wilderness at the outset of His public ministry, so too Mary now had ninety days of special preparation at the outset of her ministry as Mother to the Messiah….

Mary was being prepared by the One within her Who, like a sculptor, was sculpting her from the inside, using invisible instruments: graces, blessings, gifts and fruits of the Spirit. Her heart, as well as her womb, was pregnant with hope. As she continued to mature in holiness, she became even more sensitive to God working within her. This prepared her to be sensitive to the Son of God in the future as He sat upon her lap, crawled on the floor, and in a thousand other ways.

The umbilical cord ensured the continual physical exchange between mother and Child. Food, oxygen and other substances pass from the mother to the Child through a single vein, and waste material passes from the Child to the mother through two arteries. Likewise there was a continual spiritual exchange between creature and Creator akin to that of the physical, but yet more profound.

While mother nourished and sustained her Child on the physical level, the Child nourished and sustained His mother on the spiritual level. From her and within her, He was physically formed, but by Him and within Him she was being spiritually formed. Mary, like the rest of us, was dependent upon Almighty God: “In him we live and move and have our being...for we are indeed his offspring” (Act 17:28).

But with regards to Unborn Jesus, a slight paraphrase of the above reminds us that the reverse was true in the physical order: ‘In her He lived and moved and had His being...for He was indeed her offspring.”

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UNBORN WORD ALLIANCE is an organization dedicated to honoring the Unborn Christ Child and promoting the Gospel of Life through literary and media projects, seminars and diverse spiritual endeavors. We believe all Christians can discover great spiritual hope as they reflect upon the first nine months of the Incarnation Mission and turn with trust, prayer, devotion and thanksgiving to Unborn Jesus. In honoring Unborn Jesus our Lord we are also reminded of the dignity of all unborn children created in Godís likeness and image.

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