Unborn Jesus Our Hope

Chapter 7 - Excerpt

The First Christian Family

Unborn Jesus subtly demonstrates several basic qualities of a fruitful prayer life. In stillness He is recollected and ready for God, His human activities are worship filled and adoring towards His Father, He is receptive to the will of God whether marvelous or mundane and His Spirit is docile.

He is the original model par excellence of a spirituality that is obediently childlike. While the womb environment was only temporary and very confined, yet we see here the foundation for His later prayer life during childhood and adulthood.

They Magnified The Lord Together

As mother – biologically, genetically, emotionally Mary was becoming progressively more and more attuned and sensitized to the growing, thriving life within her. Yet something greater had been taking place within her soul which would have enormously affected her thoughts, affections and prayers.

She had developed a kind of spiritual rhythm in her daily living which was not her own doing. The life within her had His own spiritual life, and while His physical body was very tiny, His spiritual presence far outshone her own and she felt completely dependent upon Him, and further, strengthened and guided by Him.

The presence of God Incarnate within her was actually redefining her spiritual life. She now relied less on her own mind and heart to lead or steer her. Now, with a veritable fountain of grace springing up within her, she was compelled to "think" less and simply "adore" more. She who had been accustomed previously to letting God take the lead, was now even more ready to let the Son of God within her, re-shape her life, not just physically but in every way.

We might say that during the nine months He spent in her womb, our Lord was subtly teaching Mary about the spiritual life and prayer. This being so, and inasmuch as Mary is for us a model of the interior life, we could claim that, in a sense, it is the Unborn Christ Child who exemplifies the very life of prayer….

Even the physical movements of her Son within her womb, which she could feel, and later even partly observe from without, were as signs of the more profound spiritual and intellectual movements of the soul of Jesus. For His part, Jesus too was experiencing the sense of touch as He would touch the inner wall of Mary's uterus via the thin veil of the amniotic sac.

This divine touch within from within – one can almost envision a Sistine Chapel-like ceiling painting of God, not the Father but the little unborn Son, straining forward and reaching out His tiny finger towards the inner heart of Mary – His mother can almost give shape to God's way of touching each human heart from deep within. There was a continuous exchange between mother and Child, not only on the physical level but at every level.

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