Unborn Jesus Our Hope

Chapter 9 - Excerpt

The Great Nativity

Nine Months Preparation and the Forming of His Sacred Humanity

The body of Jesus has been growing and developing now for almost nine months. He is living the mystery of the Incarnation in secret but soon will live it in the light of day. He is fully God and fully man. His life is the turning point of human history, beginning at the one cell stage of His human life.

Cardinal Schonborn enlightens us on a critical aspect of the Incarnation:

Here Christ’s conception through the Spirit acquires its full range of application: here is one man whose existence is entirely new, right from its root. In the midst of a world where anything new simply replaces something old, only to become old in its turn, there is now a new humanity, a human life which does not, at its conception, have the germ of death in it, but comes forth entirely out of God’s newness.

The sacred humanity of Jesus is distinctly new and fresh. Ronald Knox says that through the Incarnation God “had infected the human race, as it were, with His Divinity”. For months the body and life of Unborn Jesus has been forming, preparing for birth and then life after birth. (Once born, He will be preparing for death and then life after death.)

The exciting part is that Jesus Christ has a permanent effect upon human destiny. His life will not get old and need to be replaced with something new again. No, His abundant life remains new and accessible for ever. And from the newness of Christ comes a New Creation for us all.

These months of growth and development within His mother’s womb have been exhilarating and full of promise even if only a handful of people knew about it. For all has been going according to God’s Plan. The body of Unborn Jesus was being formed and prepared for years of daily living and work, for public ministry, then ultimately for crucifixion, resurrection and eternity.

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